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Why to choose a videoballoon?

  • The video balloon can be seen from far and attracts attention
  • Due to different designs and versions it can be used for a variety of events, festivals and creative activity
  • We shape your individual design– in a professional way and for an affordable price
  • Inside or outside; hovering, hanging, standing or lying

Innovative images in new perspectives – Creative Balloon Art!

Screen balloons

You can get our screen balloons in various shapes and sizes. From 1 to 5 meter in diamter, they are the perfect solution for any kind of creative event, company presentation or concert.
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Projection balloons

Our projection balloons are equipped with a high quality projector inside the balloon. You can get our projection balloons from 1 to 10 meter in diameter and use them in the most creatives ways for your unforgettable event.
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Building your balloon

As a creative company we are always searching for new challenges. We are happy to design individual solutions according to your ideas. No matter if screen-balloon, projection-balloon, airship or a balloon for high-altitude work – we have the know-how.
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Aerial work

As a balloon manufacture company we are developing balloons of all kinds since several years. Next to our video balloons, we are also in the area of aerial work. For this, we developed both manned balloons for work in high altitude and robot balloons.
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